Friday, December 24, 2010


Today I got to experience one of the awesome reasons why we live in Alaska!!!

Cross-Country Skiing
some thing I have always wanted to do but did
not really know were to go or were to start...

Until I meet Kim and its all down hill from!!

She let me use her stuff and gave me some pointers
(okay a lot of pointers lol)

And off we went down and up the trails!
(One good thing no Moose on the trails)

It was a BIT cold like -10 degrees
(yep my nose hairs were frozen!)

and my eye lashes too;)
But what an awesome clear day
and beautiful view!

Even Kim's hair was frosted lol!!

She had to get an up close and personal
on this one lol!!!

But she was so sweet to take me out on Christmas Eve and show
me the ropes;)

Thanks again Kim:)

Okay Ron and Rudy get ready your next!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

December DIZE!

December 10

"God shall wipe away all your tears."
-Revelations 21:4

Today was a crazy busy day I don't even remember sitting down until
dinner time!! First the kids had pancake breakfast at school @ 7 to 8am
Sometimes I go but a lot of the time Rick takes the kids
and I sleep in;)

But Hunter asked me to come to the breakfast!

Around 1pm was Hunter's Christmas party @ school!

I helped with one of the crafts!

Hunter(and Olivia) enJOy when I can come to
the class to help!
(with any thing lol)

I tried to get him to look up but he

was really into his craft lol!!
One of the moms made this cake;)

All the kids sang Happy Birthday Jesus!

After I had traffic then after I had my Secret Santa reveal @
school. Rick had his Christmas party @ his job
his theme this year was duck tape,spam, and pink flamingos!


After we went to Mooses Tooth to eat together!

Okay what funny about this is that Olivia wanted to take a
serous photo.....

take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4

take 5

LOL! and she did it!

Well until tomorrow....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

December NUEVE!

December 9

"I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou
Lord only maketh me dwell in safety."
-Psalm 4:8

Today Rick took the kids to school and let me keep
sleeping aawwwww....

Then my mom called and woke me up
(around 9:20am)!

After took Hunter to his(7yrs.) doctor apt. that
was 8:30am this morning that we missed
so I had to reschedule 1:20pm lol!!

After that it was time for work (traffic) while
working one of students in the 5th grade
gave me a gift that he made himself from

it was a chocolate chip banana bread;)
It was awesome thanks Tice!

Later after school it Rock Climbing for Olivia;)

Its some thing she so looks forward too!!!!

She even stopped for a photo;)

She is so natural at it lol!

She looks up and just goes to the top!

Well she has been climbing since 3yrs old.
Climbing on the couch and up the stairs
before she even could walk;)

Well until tomorrow....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December OCHO!

December 8

"Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth."
-Matthew 5:5

This morning I went to the kids school for Chapel!
Then after I went to help Olivia's
teacher with her bulletin board ready for
(no for got to take a photo)

But after picking the kids up from school we had
a great view out-side!

Sorry for all the spots my camera needs to be cleaned;(

Its funny this was around 4pm
the sun was already setting
only in Alaska....

Well until tomorrow....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December SIETE!

December 7

"And lo I am with you always."
-Matthew 28:20

Nothing much going on today it was my stay @ home day
but as always it never happened like that!;)

I got a phone call from a friend of mine that just got home
from surgery and was not able to drive and wanted to buy some
grocery and gifts. So off I went to get her(you know me I can't say no lol)!

After ran home and got ready to do traffic at the school....

Later that night Olivia took some photos
of Hunter and his new pet(Gomeze)!

Here she tried to a photo of Gomeze eating his snack
(a cricket)!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

December SEIS!

December 6

"Thou shalt call, and I will answer thee"
-Job 14:15

It was pretty crazy morning today( not much pictures)
but I let the kids sleep in cause we got to bed late
so after dropping them off I had a meeting with
the Grace moms (8:15am) after I had to meet Rina
at Blains to meet the owner(Rene) who is super nice and hopful
I will be working close with in the future;)

After I had just enough time to get to the
school to have lunch with Olivia who ask me
everyday to come have lunch with her
(like I have nothing better to do)!!

But hey when your a mom some times
we do thing we don't want to do to make our kids day
(right Ron lol)!!!

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December CINCO!

December 5

"Great peace have they which love they law"
-Psalm 119:165

Okay try to keep up it was a busy day...
After church I meet up with Rina and Larissa to talk about scrap-booking!!

Then I went to see Hunter who had a hockey game going on
at Dempsey sorry I have a lot of photos....
(he is #21 white shirts)

He has become a whole different kid since
he started hockey!

Then after we went to see the
Guns and Hoses game

And we got to meet up with Blain and his family;)

It was his first game he loved it!!

And his first lollipop lol!!

The game was great!!

Then they did a great show after...

Here comes our friend Mark(who is a police officer)
coming down from the celling....

Here he is
he took a photo with the kids

After Rick took us to NINOS
me and the kids shared this dish

Rick stayed with a sandwich
(it was good too)

What a weekend
now time to recover....

Until tomorrow...